Real Estate Tax Sale

The 2017 annual Tax Sale was held at the Moultrie County Boardroom on November 1st, 2018 at 2:30 p.m.

Joseph Meyer and Associates conducted an automated tax sale again this year.

Real estate taxes sold at the tax sale must be redeemed in the County Clerk's Office. Please contact County Clerk's Office 217-728-4389 for redemption amount.

Fees to be added to each real estate parcel purchased at the tax sale:
1. $20.00 Indemnity fee
2. $10.00 Automation fee
3. $20.00 Sale in error fee
4. $4.00 County Clerk fee

Tax Sale Buyer Instructions

Tax Sale Registration Fee:
Tax Buyers must register and pay a $250.00 fee 10 days prior to tax sale.
If the registrant cannot attend the tax sale they may notify the collector no later than 5 business days prior to the sale, of any substitute person who will participate in the sale.
If the registrant does not attend the sale, then the deposit is forfeited to the Tax Sale Automation Fund. If the registrant does attend the sale and attempts, but fails to purchase any parcels offered for sale, then the deposit will be refunded to the registrant.

Tax Sale Fees (Non-refundable)
$25.00 Tax Sale Delinquent List (Judgment Book) (electronic or paper request)
$5.00 Typed Tax Sale Delinquent List (electronic or paper request)