Previous State's Attorneys

Moultrie County State’s Attorneys 1872-Present

Prior to 1872 the county was represented by a district attorney for multiple counties. Until a 1926 Illinois Supreme Court case from Moultrie County, state’s attorneys were not required to be lawyers.

1872-1880 Cassins C. Clark
1880-1884 William Hollins Shinn
1884-1888 Samuel M. Smyser
1888-1892 John E. Jennings
1892-1896 Jonathan Meeker
1896-1904 W.K. Whitfield
1904-1908 Art W. Lux
1908-1916 J.K. Martin
1916-1920 C.R. Patterson
1920-1924 Merrill F. Wehinhoff
1924-1926 A.A. Brown
1926-1932 R.B. Foster (Brown ruled ineligible to serve because he was not a lawyer)
1932-1940 Robert W. Martin
1940-1944 Rodney A. Scott
1944-1964 Joseph C. Munch
1964-1968 Vernon E. Elder
1968-1971 Allen Bennett
1971-1980 Paul L. Stone (Bennett resigned)
1980 Art Powers, Jr. (Stone resigned)
1980 Donald Wood (Powers resigned)
1980-1984 Chris E. Freese
1984-1988 Paul L. Stone
1988-1992 John Robinson
1992-1996 Gail Coil
1996-2000 Timothy Willis
2000-2004 Sharon Buckler
2004-2012 Marvin Hanson
2012-2018 Jeremy Richey