Mobile Homes

The 2019 mobile home tax bills will be mailed March 15, 2019.
The due date is May 15, 2019.
A May 15, 2019 postmark will be considered on time.
Late charges will begin May 16, 2019.

The county collector sends out approximately 275 mobile home tax bills and collects approximately $18,500. Upon collection, that money will be disbursed among the various taxing bodies in the county.

Effective January 1, 2011 any new mobile/manufactured home is automatically real estate that is not in a mobile home park. Any mobile homes existing prior to January 1, 2011 located outside of a mobile home park that do not change ownership will remain under privilege tax until new ownership occurs and at such a time would then become real estate the following year. If any mobile home is located within a mobile home park prior to and after January 1, 2011 it will remain privilege tax. Please contact our office with questions 217-728-4032.

Mobile Home Privlege Tax Registration Form

The exemption for a Senior Citizen or Disabled Person is a 20 % reduction of the total tax imposed under "An Act to provide for a local service tax on mobile home", ILCS 515/7. This does not have to be filed each year. Only one exemption may be applied.

Qualifications for Senior Exemption:
You are at least 65 years old.
You own and occupy the trailer as your primary residence.
You are required to pay the taxes for the residence.

Qualifications for Disabled Person:
You are totally disabled and have dated documentation.
You own and occupy the trailer as your primary residence.
You are required to pay the taxes for the residence.

In Illinois, mobile homes are billed as a "Mobile Home Privilege Tax". The computation of Mobile Home Tax differs from Real Estate Tax. Tax bills are calculated based on the age and square footage of the mobile home.

Mobile home bills are generally mailed to the owners during the month of March. The owner has 60 days to pay the tax, in one installment. If after 60 days the tax remains unpaid, a penalty of $25.00 per month (or portion thereof) up to $100 will be assessed.

When selling a mobile home, the owner must obtain a tax certification from the County Treasurer before the title can be transferred. In order to obtain the tax certification all taxes must be paid (including the current year). A copy of the last issued title for the mobile home must be brought to the Treasurer for the tax certification to be completed.

If a mobile home is being moved more than one mile, a moving permit must be obtained from the County Treasurer. A copy of the title must be submitted for research of back taxes. All taxes must be paid (including the current year) before a moving permit will be issued. There is no fee for a moving permit.