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2006 Horseshoe Bridge
2006 Horshoe Bridge

Moultrie County Highway Department
2009 Lowe Bridge

Moultrie County Highway Department
County Highway 19

Moultrie County Highway Department

Jeffrey Birch
10 S. Main
Sullivan, IL 61951
217-728-4142 (w)
217-728-4746 (fax)
217-620-5738 (c)

The Moultrie County Highway Department is responsible for the planning, design, construction and maintenance of 66 miles of County Highways within Moultrie County. The County has 14 bridges and the Road Districts have 107 bridges over 20 Feet in length for which the County highway Department has inventory and biennial inspection responsibilities. The department also supervises the design, repair and replacement of bridges when necessary. In addition, the Highway Department provides technical assistance to all 8 Township Highway Commissioners and is the lead agency for township projects constructed or maintained with Motor Fuel Tax funding.