Moultrie County Courthouse

Welcome To The
Lori Barringer
Chief County Assessment Officer

(Also Known As Supervisor of Assessment)
Moultrie County Courthouse
10 S. Main St., Suite 8
Sullivan, IL 61951
Location: 2nd Floor of the Moultrie County Courthouse
Phone: 217-728-4951     Fax: 217-728-9311

Office Hours: Staff:
Monday-Friday Chief Deputy: Alicia Morgason
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Deputy: Sharon Cox
Except on Legal Holidays Deputy: Jackie Protz

In Moultrie County, the Chief County Assessment Officer is appointed by the Chairman of the Moultrie County Board with the advice and consent of that Board. Appointment is for a 4-year term of office. To be eligible for appointment, the candidate must meet the education and experience qualifications outlined in the Illinois Property Tax Code, including passing an examination conducted by the Illinois Department of Revenue to determine competency. Lori Barringer was first appointed as the Chief County Assessment Officer on December 16, 2016

To administer an accurate, fair, uniform, and timely assessment of all real property in Moultrie County for the purpose of real property taxation in accordance with and as mandated by the Illinois Property Tax Code and related administrative codes and guidelines.


Number of Parcels:
Equalized Assessed Value:

MAJOR DUTIES INCLUDE (but not limited to):
• Assist taxpayers with inquiries and concerns
• Maintain an up-to-date property records system
• Provide information and assistance to Township Assessors
• Collect and analyze sales data
• Perform Sales Ratio Studies
• Provide taxpayers with proper notification of assessments
• As required by the Illinois Property Tax Code, act as the equalization authority for the County, examining the assessments in the County and equalizing the assessments by increasing or reducing assessments in the County or any area therein, so that the assessments will be at 33-1/3% of fair cash value
• Administer Property Tax Exemption Programs
• Serve as Clerk to the Moultrie County Board of Review
• Serve as Chairman of the Moultrie County Farmland Assessment Review Committee

Equalization is the application of a uniform percentage increase or decrease to assessed values of various areas or classes of property to bring assessments on average, to the statutory level of assessment of 33 1/3%. Both local assessment officials and the Illinois Department of Revenue are responsible for equalizing assessment levels.

The Illinois Department of Revenue Publication 136 (copy available upon request) gives a detailed overview of the property assessment and equalization process.

Contact the Moultrie County Chief County Assessment Officer, Lori Barringer, at 217-728-4951 if you have any questions.